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Read The Latest From The AppObsessed.com Blog

Looking to Travel? Here are our Picks for the Best Travel Apps

Have you ever tried to plan a vacation, but booking all of the travel became incredibly stressful and expensive? Next thing you know you’re saying to yourself, “Vacation is supposed to be relaxing!” That’s why it’s important to get the best apps that make your life easier. Find the best times to...

Gaming Apps that Never Get Old

Plague Inc. - What started as a web game in 2012 soon became one of the biggest mobile games in the world. The game works by playing as a plague with the goal of contaminating the entire world, but it’s much harder than it sounds. (Here’s a tip for those of you looking to play: make sure you don’...

Apps That Increase Your Productivity

Let’s keep this simple so you can make the most out of your day:

ToDoist - It’s a free app that completely organizes your schedule. You create the tasks and ToDoist will organize them into categories and file reminders. You can even keep your family or team on track with its many features.

The Difference Between the Best Maps Apps

Let’s cover the only maps apps you should be considering for your phone: Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps. If you’re on Android then discount Apple Maps (it’s not the best maps app anyway). Still, let’s compare the three apps to see which one has the best features!

Top Free Apps

There are some apps that are so useful you can’t even believe they are free! Take AllTrails for example, an app that gives you all of the hiking trails around you. The miles, elevation, and pervious hikers locations and comments are all available for you. If you’re hiking at night make sure you...

Music Apps

Let’s get this party started! Or let’s just relax with some calming music… Music can be motivational, relaxing, and downright fun. Having music on your phone at all times has become essential!

Start Cheering For These Sports Apps

There’s a sports fan in all of us! Watching our favorite teams can only be half the fun as well. Keeping up to date, playing fantasy, and talking with other fans is an amazing way to spend time. Sports are a great source of talking points and community building. To make the most out of your...

Save Money: The Top Coupon Apps

There are some things that are so easy to do, you’re almost crazy if you don’t. One of those things: downloading coupon apps. It’s EASY! It SAVES you money! If there’s a coupon for it, these apps have it! So before you complain about the price on your next purchase, check out these coupon apps.

Shopping Apps For Every Occasion

The Obvious Choice: Amazon

Amazon has EVERYTHING. 2 day shipping for Prime Members, millions of products, one click buying. There’s a reason they are owning the retail space and it’s best to have the app at your fingertips to leave every item just one click away.

Monitor Your Health with These Apps

It’s important to always be cautious to keep your health. On this blog, we’ve covered how to save money, manage money, have fun and more, but none of these are as important as your health. While there are tons of facets of your health, the mobile app industry has covered nearly everything other...

Apps We Love Now

Anytime you’re feeling bored, just know that there is an ocean of undiscovered apps for you to spend time on that cover - well - pretty much everything. Everyday more are added, but today we’re listing some of our favorites that you probably haven’t heard of before.

Top Paid Apps

Sometimes an app is so good that it’s worth paying for, but with so many free apps it has to be really, really good. We’ve tried to find some for you, take a look and see if there’s any that catch your eye!

Apps for Photographers and Selfie Aficionados

When you have a phone in your hands you have a camera, and when you have a camera in your hands you are an artist. Yes, at times, snapping the perfect picture may require knowledge of camera lenses and angles - but more often than not it’s about the moment the picture was taken. Besides we’ve...

Educational Apps We Love For Kids

Froggipedia - Named Apple’s top iPad app of 2018 is saying more than enough. Through Augmented Reality your child can dissect a frog! Just like in a science class, but without the mess this time. You need to check this app out to fully understand why it’s #1.

Money Managing Apps

According to studies, most people are more worried about saving for their next vacation rather than their retirement. We also prioritize paying the wrong bills and money management in 2019 has become increasingly more severe. For these reasons, it’s important to use the best money managing apps...