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AppObsessed is your home to all the latest and greatest news and information regarding apps. We’re focused on bringing you the most informative and up-to-date information every week through our blog posts – but unlike anywhere else you can read about apps – we also run free sweepstakes. You’ll be able to win money and prizes while you read out articles! Win items like $1,000, a new computer, and gift cards. It’s an app lover’s dream. Soon enough you’ll be able to buy every app that your heart desires – just make sure to enter when you can!

We hope to see our members learn and win, and hopefully, one day even feature one of your apps! Maybe you can build your own app with your prize winnings, $1,000 is a great start! What’s your best app idea? We’ve all got a million-dollar idea inside of us!

Be sure to check out our blog posts after every entry if you’re interested. We update our content frequently so that you’ll always be in the loop about what’s new in technology and application news. We cover apps ranging from music, photography, travel and much more. There’s an app for everyone and we’re obsessed with them!