Looking to Travel? Here are our picks for the Best Travel Apps

Have you ever tried to plan a vacation, but booking all of the travel became incredibly stressful and expensive? Next thing you know you’re saying to yourself, “Vacation is supposed to be relaxing!” That’s why it’s important to get the best apps that make your life easier. Find the best times to fly, cheapest hotels, and finally make traveling a breeze!

For Flying, we Recommend: Hopper

Hopper has a very unique feature that distances itself from the competition; Hopper sends you push notifications at the exact moment a plane ticket becomes a great deal. By analyzing billions of flights it can save you up to 40%!

For Hotels, we Recommend: Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is amazing for last-minute deals. If you’re in a pickle Hotel Tonight knows exactly which hotels have empty rooms and find you the best discounts allowing you to book directly through the app.

For Organization we Recommend: Google Trips

By now you probably use Google every day, but if you’re not familiar with Google Trips you should be. This app can help you organize reservations and your itinerary so you can focus on having a great time. They’ll even provide you with a list of things to do in the area you are traveling!

For Food we Recommend: Zomato

While of course, you can use Yelp to find the best food reviews near you, Zomato provides a great alternative for finding new places. With menus, pictures, and a map - Zomato is becoming an amazing travel app for every foodie.

For Communication we Recommend: WhatsApp

If you’re not interested in paying huge fees and maybe meeting some locals on your trip, WhatsApp is a great way to communicate without SMS.