Gaming Apps that Never Get Old

Plague Inc. - What started as a web game in 2012 soon became one of the biggest mobile games in the world. The game works by playing as a plague with the goal of contaminating the entire world, but it’s much harder than it sounds.  (Here’s a tip for those of you looking to play: make sure you don’t let Madagascar close its borders!)

Angry Birds - If you have great aim and love games that involve shooting birds at towering structures then you’re in for a treat. Angry Birds has taken the internet by storm, created TV shows, and stuffed animals - it’s a phenomenon! Start Angry Birds now and you’ll be playing every day, there are tons of levels.

Candy Crush Saga - For those of us that love puzzles, The Candy Crush Saga has become the go-to time waster for people of all ages. Seriously who knew that connecting candies could be this much fun? Each level lets you experiment with different strategies and it really never does get old. Make sure you invite your friends so you get more lives you will need them!

Pokemon Go - When Pokemon Go was introduced the streets were flooded with everyone and their grandparents playing. Even today, Pokemon Go is one of the top gaming apps. Mixing fun and exercise and Pokemon seems to be a winning formula for mobile gamers.

Madden NFL - Taking your mobile gaming to the next level requires something different, like playing against real people. The Madden NFL and the NBA franchise let you do just that. You can play with the top players across the world to increase your skill - it’s the ultimate gaming test.