Save Money: The Top Coupon Apps

There are some things that are so easy to do, you’re almost crazy if you don’t. One of those things: downloading coupon apps. It’s EASY! It SAVES you money! If there’s a coupon for it, these apps have it! So before you complain about the price on your next purchase, check out these coupon apps. 

More than FIVE HUNDRED MILLION has been saved by shoppers using Ibotta. There’s a reason it’s the #1 coupon app in the world. Some of the features it has include, connecting directly to your loyalty cards, easy to use cashout, and it’s free. Ibotta gives you a list of stores to choose from then shows you all the products that give you rebates. From there it’s just about adding them to your list making the purchase and reaping the rewards!

Casting a huge net on your shopping? Then use SnipSnap. This app is an entire collection of coupons that you select from and download. You’ll know when the coupons expire and have them at the ready in your app. Just take out your phone at the register and get your barcode scanned, that’s it!

What I'm going to tell you next might sound ridiculous, but you can get paid even if you don’t buy anything… Yeah… With ShopKick you’ll get redeemable points just by walking into stores. The app tracks your location and records it even sending you coupon notifications of the stores your in. It’s a personal favorite and must have - especially when you’re shopping all over the place or at a mall!