Apps That Increase Your Productivity

Let’s keep this simple so you can make the most out of your day:

  1. ToDoist - It’s a free app that completely organizes your schedule. You create the tasks and ToDoist will organize them into categories and file reminders. You can even keep your family or team on track with its many features.
  2. Pocket - This app will download and hold anything you find on the internet you want to save. See a funny picture on an app and want to share it? You can download it directly into your Pocket app, so you’ll have it at all times. Pocket is compatible with over 1,500 apps to save from.
  3. Toggl - You’ll never have to wonder where your day went with Toggl. All of your time spent can be easily tracked and dissected so you can learn to better manage your time and stick to a strict schedule.
  4. Evernote - Note-taking in the simplest form. Create lists, jot down million dollar ideas, and place media files inside of your notes. Never forget a thing!
  5. CamScanner - Use your phone as a scanner. Hold a document up to your phone's camera and it will automatically convert the document into an image on your phone. 
  6. IFTT - Automate your entire life (or most of it). With this app, you can automate daily jobs like messaging family members when your shopping, playing music through your smart speakers when you get home, or automatically backup your photos on a schedule. It’s important to get the small tasks out of the way to be organized and this helps with just that.