Apps We Love Now

Anytime you’re feeling bored, just know that there is an ocean of undiscovered apps for you to spend time on that cover - well - pretty much everything. Every day more are added, but today we’re listing some of our favorites that you probably haven’t heard of before.

In Tap

Ten minutes a day will clear your mind and refresh you from the other 23 hours and 50 minutes of worries. In Tap is a meditation app that provides a live, daily, 10-minute meditation session for you to tune into. Catch a meditation session on the go with thousands of others whenever you have the time.

Zombies, Run!

Need that extra bit of motivation to go on a run? Running has become seriously FUN with this app. Ok here’s how it works: you plug in your headphones and turn on the app. Once you do you’re going to be chased by zombies and you’re going to need to run! You’re essentially inside of an adventure novel and getting your exercise and imagination going while there. See how long you can survive and try to beat your score everyday!


Do you ever want to leave a voicemail without the person on the other end answering? Slydial provides a solution by bypassing the ringer so you can leave a voicemail without the other person’s phone ever ringing! It’s crazy and useful!

Our Home

Now you can turn chores into a game and keep track of your household. This app allows you and your family or roommates to get points for each chore you do. You can easily keep track of everything that is being done and have point requirements each week to make sure everyone is doing their fair share.