Top Free Apps

There are some apps that are so useful you can’t even believe they are free! Take AllTrails for example, an app that gives you all of the hiking trails around you. The miles, elevation, and pervious hikers locations and comments are all available for you. If you’re hiking at night make sure you add SkyView to your downloads. The app uses your phone’s camera to show you where all the stars, planets, and constellations are - you might be looking at Mars and not know it!

Another free app is Khan Academy. It’s a free college education right at your fingertips, imagine those savings! Whether studying addition and subtraction or pre-med courses Khan Academy has you covered. Whenever you’re feeling studious open the app and you’re introduced to nearly every topic imaginable all taught by experts. Khan Academy pairs great with Duolingo, which helps you learn new languages!

This one might be unconventional, but it’s amazing! Tunity. An app that allows you to scan any live TV and hear the audio through your device. Whether you’re in a sports bar or a doctor’s appointment waiting room, just point your device at the TV and you’ll get the audio. Similarly, an app called Shazam allows you to find the name of any song by just opening the app while the song is playing. The future is here! 

One other app we love is Zelle. With Zelle, you can send and receive money instantly to anybody you want. The money will go straight into and out of your connected payment methods. It’s just like Venmo but it has instant transfers for free!