Apps for Photographers and Selfie Aficionados

When you have a phone in your hands you have a camera, and when you have a camera in your hands you are an artist. Yes, at times, snapping the perfect picture may require knowledge of camera lenses and angles - but more often than not it’s about the moment the picture was taken. Besides we’ve found apps that will make your picture look perfect no matter the scenario!

Experience Level: Beginner

To make your first photographs better we recommend Snapseed. There is a huge range of editing tools to choose from once you upload your picture. Turn your picture into beautiful watercolor artwork, make it vintage, or add vibrancy. It’s the complete editing toolbox at your fingertips. Free & easy to use.

Experience Level: Intermediate

If you’re looking to enhance the colors of your photos and want a comprehensive set of editing tools we recommend Afterlight 2. The app offers color curves, selective coloring, and toning to highlight pictures exactly as you see fit. The app costs $2.99 and may require experience.

Experience Level: Advanced

If you consider yourself a professional with your phone camera we recommend RAW Power. The app was created by the Senior Director of Engineering at iPhoto. It’s listed as an advanced photo editor because of the extraordinary highlight recovery, clipping indicators, curves, and more. The app costs $2.99 and is great for professional editors.

Experience Level: Having Fun

Check out Facetune 2 if you’re a selfie aficionado! The app makes you feel as BEAUTIFUL as you want to be! You can style yourself as a new person and share it with family for a good time.