The Difference Between the Best Maps Apps

Let’s cover the only maps apps you should be considering for your phone: Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps. If you’re on Android then discount Apple Maps (it’s not the best maps app anyway). Still, let’s compare the three apps to see which one has the best features!

Google Maps

This is the most straightforward and reliable maps app available - hands down. If you’re going between destination A and destination B - Google Maps will always get you there. Google has taken intensive care in mapping and photographing every road (and offroad) it possibly can. Knowing where the traffic is and getting recommendations once your trip ends have become essential features ever since Google Maps entered the navigation landscape.


Guess who owns Waze? Google. With good reason too. Google bought Waze because it offered something different - a more complex navigation app. Waze is user-focused, users pinpoint accidents, roadwork, and police officers as they drive by them; providing a new feature to maps. Waze also gives you the fastest route no matter what, although sometimes the fastest route isn’t the easiest. 

Apple Maps

Apple has kept Apple Maps to itself only on IOS devices. While the experience isn’t bad, Android users aren’t missing out on much. The same features as Google Maps are inside, but Apple Maps has been criticized for errors in the past. The data comparison between Apple Maps and Google just isn’t there at the end of the day.

So which app is the best? If you have an iPhone and like Apple Maps - then keep it! There’s no harm in that. For the best experience though, we recommend Google Maps. It’s very easy to navigate and has all the information you’ll need. For those of us that do like to cut corners and aren’t worried about taking some backroads with a little bit more complex map, Waze is the obvious choice.