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About This Sweep:

Weekly $100 Cash

Weekly. Money. Giveaways. They are amazing, and that’s why they are here. Paying for apps can get expensive, especially if you have kids or are trying to beat Candy Crush! With $100 going out each week, it gets a lot easier to splurge on new apps. $100 can go a long way in terms of your phone. Pay off your monthly cell phone bill, buy more data, or buy more books for your e-book library! In terms of money, there is no better feeling than holding a crisp $100 bill in your hands and here you have the chance to do just that every week. You only have to make one more click to be that much closer to that amazing feeling.

Here’s a Tip For the $100 prize – You have ten entries each day through AppObsessed for this prize. That means that you can collect 70 entries each week to have your best chance to win. You’ll still need to get selected, but you should always set yourself up for success. It does only take one ticket to win, but luck only goes so far. So, if you have the time make sure you use all of your 10 AppObsessed entries everyday.

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Ends In 12 Hours. Official Rules

See our recent winners:

Linda B.


Won the $100 Weekly $100 Cash on January 06

Mark C.


Won the $100 Weekly $100 Cash on December 16

Mike M.


Won the $100 Weekly $100 Cash on December 03

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