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About This Sweep:

$500 Amazon Gift Card

We’ve talked a lot about how useful Amazon and the Amazon app is on our blog. You can buy almost anything and if you’re not familiar you really should be. A $500 Amazon Gift Card allows you to fill your virtual shopping cart to the brim! Are you dreading Holiday shopping every year? With $500 in your Amazon account, you won’t be! You’ll be excited to shop because it’s all free. “I’ll take one of these, ooooo and two of those.” Shopping on someone else’s dime is so gratifying! The next time you are on Amazon after winning this $500 Gift Card, you will not be hesitating to hit buy now, don’t hesitate to hit ‘Continue To Win’ to be entered either!

Here’s a Tip For the $500 Amazon prize – You don’t have to receive the gift card if you win. You can receive cash instead if you’d like. We have that option for all of our prizes and $500 might help you in other ways than Amazon. Amazon is great, but when we email winners we always ask if they would like a PayPal payment or a check instead. We give you options and it’s so easy to choose.  You can look at this as a $500 Cash Prize if you’re more interested in just the money.

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Won the $100 Weekly $100 Cash on December 16

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Won the $100 Weekly $100 Cash on December 03

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